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Nearby Platform

The Nearby Platform is the online system you can find here. This video explains what the platform can do and how to use it to generate your QR codes, create your pages. Car Dealer Product pages, Real Estate Descriptions, Coupons, Business Cards, and so on.

Yes, of course, here with these access codes : / mabalise.

No, the Nearby Platform is a managed service.

You can add as much beacons and messages to the platform that your plan allow


  • NFC (Near Field Communication), they are beacons that transmit a signal on a few centimeters distance. This technology is used for contactless payments for example. In marketing, this technology allows by taping a smartphone on the tag, to open a link to your product sheets, coupons, property description, and so on.
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), they are beacons that emit a signal at several tens or hundreds of meters. (Up to 4000 meters) This technology allows via a phone application to display a notification when the smartphone is within the transmit range of the tag. You can link these notifications to your product listings, and so on. The link require httpS.
  • QR code (Quick Response code), is a 2-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by any smartphone, including Iphones. You can link your product sheets, coupons, and so on, to this code.

You can create as many QR codes and messages on the platform as your plan allows.

You can add an unlimited number of NFC tags, only the pages on the platform are according to your plan.

You can add as many BLE beacons and messages to the platform as your plan allows.

A BLE UID beacon can be managed from the platform and the message modified at will. A URL BLE beacon transmits a fixed web address and can not be changed without reprogramming the beacon by our services.

Nearby Notifications

Nearby Notifications are notifications on Android devices that don't require an app.

Start here to create a new project for your proximity service key:

If a Nearby Notification is not shown, verify the following:

  • The beacon battery is charged.
  • The beacon is transmitting the Eddystone UID protocol (check this with the vendor's app).
  • The Android device has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Make sure the url of the Nearby Notification is SSL (https NOT http).
  • Make sure the phone you test on has the same language as selected at the notification.
  • Make sure the url is reachable with this tool.
  • Make sure the content of the url does not conflict with Google's Nearby Notification policies.


  • Make sure you're close enough to the beacon. For testing purposes try a distance shorter than 1 meter.
  • If you use a date and a time range, the time range is on a daily base. Meaning, that if you broadcast from January 10th to June 20th and from 8am to 10am, the message will show each day between 8am and 10am. Not from January 10th 8am to June 20th 10am.
  • Try different URLs, non-working URLs may be cached by Google.
  • Log into the Google Beacon Dashboard and create a Nearby Notification in debug mode.
  • Turning Bluetooth off and on again sometimes solves the issue.
  • Create a new service key.
  • Make sure no quotas are attained in the Google API dashboard.
  • Google uses an algorithm to decide whether a Nearby Notification is relevant for users and whether it's shown. If a user gets a Nearby Notification each day, but doesn't open it, it tends to get hidden. Because Google wants to provide useful content, and appearently the user is not interested in the notification.

Finally, verify directly in the Google Beacon Platform if the entries are correct. This rules out that the issue is related to the software. The Nearby Platform uses the Google Beacon Platform's API, and has no control over whether Nearby Notifications are shown on a device. The software solely adds the beacon and Nearby Notification entry to the Google Beacon Platform.

Yes & No. It's a Google concept for Android devices, and is not directly supported by Apple. You need to install a Nearby application from itunes

Beacons BLE Eddystone

You can find the Instance and Namespace ID with the app provided by the vendor of the beacon. These are assigned and can not be changed. With some beacons you can turn the Eddystone UID protocol on or off.

If you can't find the IDs with the included app, you best contact the vendor.

In our online store you will find that cover the majority of needs.

There are for all budgets, for most common applications.

Yes, if you have chosen a waterproof beacon. You will find different models in our online store

Yes, but you'll reduce the transmitting distance ! It's better to avoid metallic surfaces around. It behave as a screen against bluetooth waves. Watch out, NFC tags, can not be sticked on metalic surfaces (see faq NFC) Check the beacon and tag type you're using.

NFC tag

In our online store you will find that cover the majority of needs.

There are for all budgets, for most common applications.

NO ! Especially not ! You will destroy your tag as soon as it is first used.

However, there are NFC tags specially adapted to metal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Ma Balise on video

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